• Good advice from both Larry and Mark. If you're serious about this do what Larry says and attend as many art fairs, farmers markets, craft shows as you can to get an idea of all of the possibilities out there. Take notes. Look at the booths. Look closely at people in the same category to see what they are doing.

    A non-juried show could be useful if it's close by and it doesn't cost much money just to get your feet wet and work the kinks. The Juried show is more likely to give you return for your money.

  • Gettign into a juried show is the besgt thing you can do to build your coinfidence. If you could pick only 1 of the 2 following scenarios, which would you pick?:

    a) a group of other artists reviews your work, and says, "yes, please join our show," or 

    b) "please pay us $100, thank you, next in line please"

    my point: jurying for a show, in a strange and unexpected way, helps you get ready to sell.

    don't waste your time with a farmer's market, or whatever, unless you are a farmer. 

    That said, a local art show is easier to do for your first show, if you forget something at home, you can go get it before set up.

    Good luck

  • Walk the shows you're interested in and see if your work fits in. Juried or non juried can have no difference if you don't know what you're doing and just starting out.

    Larry Berman 


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