• I think the website works nicely. My personal preference is that the moving images almost move too quickly, and the fact that there are three at each glance it seems a bit distracting. I do see the pause button and it works. The I see the play button and it makes it all move again. But whether or not it's a necessary feature of the website will be for your future decision since you and other visitors to the site might like it a lot, and it might help people get more interested in your work.

    The moving stuff does split the navigation tabs above it from the main body of the website below it, so that bothers me a bit, too. But again, others might figure it out pretty quickly and navigate away on your site. I navigated to FEATS OF CLAY and was surprised that the moving images were still moving on that page as well, not just on the Home Page. Maybe that's cool? I dunno? It distracted me a bit, but I'm persistent and scrolled on down to see what you meant by FEATS OF CLAY.

    I looked at several of the four different "Galleries" you have and I didn't see prices for anything or a message to contact you about buying anything. I think every page needs CONTACT info. So when someone's looking at a specific piece, they see it in that description how to own it. You don't have much time to keep someone's attention, and when they have to figure out how to contact you, it puts a barrier in front of them to do so. I also like to quote prices on my work. Everything I read about sales says to do so, but some folks still disagree and that's certainly fine. I choose to be upfront then and there so collectors don't feel like I'm gouging or whatever.

    On your Home page, the first sentence might be better if it reads, "Linda Dalton Pottery is the creation of Linda and Jim Dalton..." That means it's active now. Using the linking verb "was" refers to your creation in a past tense.

    What is all that Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy stuff? Maybe the Privacy Policy could be first? What do you know about this stuff so you can enlighten me. THANKS!

  • Hi Linda, The slide show is much too fast. Actually I'm not a fan of slide shows on a web site because they take attention away from browsing at the viewer's own pace. If you can, I suggest slowing it down and making it a link to the galleries. And by all means, remove it from any internal pages because it makes me feel sea sick having that movement on every page I look at. With that slide show happening on every page, the viewer can't tell the page has changed when clicking on a link.

    Larry Berman

    • Larry, thanks for the input, Jeff Hawkins my website maintenance man, slowed the speed down by half and I agree that is a real improvement. Over the next few evenings, I will build links to the galleries page on the sliders as I also think that will improve the site. We will also be removing the slide show from all the internal pages.

      Many thanks for your inputs,

      Linda and Jim

      • I like tinkering with our website all the time. I like the freedom that doing it myself brings. I could not keep a very good website when I had someone else maintaining it for me. It was always out of date, something always needed adjusting to be more satisfying, etc. The one good thing with using outside designers and such is their knowledge of software and graphics and all that moving parts stuff. The downside to that is they charge for their services, and the more complicated graphics can be the more time it takes and the more money it costs. But the biggest problem you will face is keeping it up to date. Since your site doesn't have a show schedule listed, that won't be a problem there. I have to change something on my site at least weekly, and I'm so glad that I do it myself.

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