This past winter, I read through previous discussions and community posts and it helped push me to get serious about applying for art shows for the Spring and Summer seasons here in Atlanta, GA.

So after picking up a 10x10 tent and some flourish mesh panels, practicing setting it up on my driveway, and putting up some of my art on the walls, I have something to share for feedback. I know the current environment for in-person art shows is not ideal, but I'm hoping covid will pass and at some point in time, I'll be able to get into an art fair and share my work.

I'd love to hear your feedback on the booth shots (if one is better than the others) and if you think the art is worthy of being selected by a jury. 




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  • I exhibit and buy art at shosws. Art leaning and on ground  is a turn off IMO. 


  • Oh cool!  I'm not an expert, but I agree with the other previous comments about spacing and not on ground.  Your art is NICE!  Very worthy of showing!  I'm new too, I think I want to start with the mesh panels too.  How are you liking the pop up tent and mesh panels? 

    Karen, Calvert Image  

  • Thank you both for your feedback!

  • I agree with Larry, your paintings are too crowded. Also the three paintings on the back wall do not compliment each other. I would suggest you play with arrangement, maybe take photos of each painting and shuffle them around until you like the placement. 

  • Nothing on the ground and your paintings are too close together. Either go taller with your panels or only display half as many pieces.

    larry Berman 

    • I agree... or double booth.  Sometimes less is more!



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