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My name is Deborah and I am a glass artist residing in Maryland. As a fuser, I make jewelry,

functional glass for the home and I do glass art comprised of wall hangings and 'pictures' in glass stands. I do attend shows in Maryland, DC, Virginia and Delaware. I also have my work in a few shops.  Business has been very tough for me as the national financial picture drooped a bit.

sm square irid black clear bowl.jpg

sm waves.jpg

2 pot melt pendants for jury smaller pix.jpg

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  • Thanks for mentioning the waves. I recently broke one and forgot to do a replacement. I will get to work on another one!!!
    • ^_^

      Happy that my post brought it to your remembrance. They really are beautiful!

  • Hi Deborah -

    I too am a newbie here. Love your "waves"! Beautiful work!

  • Hi Deborah,
    Welcome to Art Fair Insiders. Thanks for including pics. I love to see all the fabulous work that is being done by other artists on this site. Business has been bad for me this summer, too. They may say the recession is over but not in my corner of the world. I think we all have to keep plugging away until things perk up - and they will. I live in Western Pa which has been hard hit economically. I'm looking to do more east coast shows next summer. This site has been great for me. Everyone is helpful - even Munks in his own way. Good luck this fall.
    • I do 'East Coast' shows. I have learned that location/placement in some shows is the key to making hundreds of dollars vs 10's of dollars. Generally, we do not have control of that.
      I have also found that the same numbers of patrons once expected are not coming out in droves. I am not doing certain shows due to expense and number of vendors. The ACC show in Baltimore in February is a huge show with over 600 vendors. There are wholesale days and retail days. Year before last, my husband and I went to do just a 'look see' within my glass craft. I did not quite get to all of the glass artists- my feet were killing me. All of the art/craft work was quite beautiful. It is a good thing to look at 'competitors' to get an idea how you can continually improve your own work.
  • Welcome. Nice pics.
  • Hi Deborah, So happy to have you joining us here at Art Fair Insiders. Looked at your pictures and your work with the glass is amazing. Hope you have a great week.

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