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Just switched to a trimline tent and trying new booth images just wondering if these are ok.

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The floor looks strange. There are wrinkles on the fabric walls. The side walls can be squared up and the paintings above the guitar on the French wall look out of place. If at all possible booth shots should be taken during the day when natural light is coming through the tent roof.

Larry Berman

I was hoping you would take a look. A big yes to all those things you have pointed out. The reflection in the daylight was making the "license plate art" blowout. We just kept shooting for 2hrs then when it got dark they looked better. The floor was cement driveway.

I think that it looks fine but I am no expert on booth shots.

Have you ever had a dark booth? I point this out because if you are not used to it, you may not like it, especially on a dark or rainy day.

I tried darkening mine- only the shelves- and my first show was during an overcast rainy weekend. Did not like it, and changed it back immediately.

I wondered about the dark sides too.  Our tent is white and I am not sure I'd like a dark one on dark days.  It seems it would take much more lighting to keep a booth with black walls light and bright.

No, I have not had a dark booth, I have posters that tell my story, but you can not have those in your jury shots. But this is a great point you have brought up.

Peter, the reason I chimed in about the dark booth is the dark walls in the photo you posted, that's all.

love the colors against the black background. would have to see it daylite vs overcast to address light issues. personally, having never cared for vertical display of guitars, I would put guitars on back wall at 45 degree or so angle. not sure about the pieces on rt above guitar. are they for sale? might be nice to spread very few of them around booth.

The 45 is another great idea

Very nice. I do like the dark walls with your art and it makes a striking booth shot. However, I hear what the others are saying about the darkness on a dreary day. A bit of heresy: you could have different colored walls, floor, etc.,  when you are exhibiting, and you might consider that.

Good points I am using my color backdrop at the show now

I edited your image in my PhotoShop for fun. Hope you don't mind. I cropped the floor a little, straightened the perspective and then had to straighten the right side a little more with a skew adjustment. At first I burned in the front edge of the floor, then dodged the midtones of the ceiling to make it appear as if it were daylight above it, then didn't like the floor burn so did a midtones dodge on it to balance a bit. I don't normally burn something and then dodge it back out like that (I would cancel the first edit, then do the next one), but this is for fun and it took me less than 10 minutes to accomplish all these edits.

Dodging the ceiling is also contrary to what we normally do since most of us shoot these during the day. SO instead we normally burn in brighter areas to balance and make them less distracting. In fact, shooting the booth in shade makes better sense so that the ceiling has no patchy bright and dark areas that distract our eye. But then shooting in the shade sometimes doesn't reveal the artwork very well, either.  I might have dodged your ceiling a bit too much, but maybe not? Anyway, you are using lighting so I don't see how having a dark booth will matter as much. I'm never keen on black walls and pedestals. But that's my choice. Good luck with your shows. I like your booth and love that Wyoming plate on the banjo! WOOHOO!

Oh, home, home on the range. Where the deer and the antelope play (right oustide my studio door!)

That’s awesome I cannot thank you enough. I am in Florida at a show this week. Check my emails and this. I love this page. The banjo is always a hit.
Thank you Barrie you rock


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