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Yesterday I decided to setup my booth to take a new shot for next year. Unfortunately, I started late and was running out of daylight, so I rushed at the end.

- I didn't put up the tent walls and you can see the mesh panels at the bottom of the fabric. Probably something that I can correct.

- There are some minor fabric wrinkles that can be corrected.

I was planning to hang more photos on the side walls, but ran out of time. Would you recommend that I setup again and add more photos on the sidewalls? Any other comments/suggestions?

Thank you!

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Just answered your question on my forum. Copied here:

Because of the lens you used and the prospective, the side walls look longer than the back wall looks wide.

Crop in tighter on the left and right so the side walls don't look so empty. Though I'd rather see the two side walls with a few more pieces, like two over two on each side.

You do need the canopy walls to cut down on backlighting through the mesh panels. And get rid of that white at the bottom all the way around.

Larry Berman

Thanks Larry!  If the weather is nice this weekend I am going to setup again and add some additional photos as you recommended and take care of the other issues.  Hopefully I'll have an updated shot next week.

Thanks again!


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