Me and my husband are W Durable Goods.  We are getting ready for our FIRST show-we were accepted as an Emerging Artist to the Main St. Fort Worth Arts Festival


I have setup to rent grey KD ProPanels from someone local, but am struggling on how to display our 3D art.  I know I can use pedestals and tables (covered), but I'd like to stay away from that as much as possible.


We'd like our bags to be accessible to the customer so they can look inside, touch, feel, etc. My only idea so far is Harmon Hooks/drapery hooks with wall mounted acrylic shelfs that are deep enough for our things.   Duffel bags could be hooked by the handles or shoulder strap (see pics) but I'd rather them on some sort of shelf.  Same for purses and briefcases.


I've searched the forum a lot, but no one has addressed how to display anything like this! Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated!









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  • I assume you're renting directly from Pro Panels because they're located in the Dallas area.

    Ask them if you can rent their shelving system also:

    Larry Berman

    • I actually had not- I was going to get it from an individual - $170 for 9 KD Panels and a ProDesk. What do you think direct from Propanel would rent for? I like the look of the ProPanel shelving...
      • Who are you renting the panels from? Is it someone listed on my web site:

        As for Pro Panels? You need to call and ask them. I don't even know if they rent panels but I would be surprised if they didn't.

        With a successful selling product, I suggest purchasing a professional looking display and paying for it out of what you make at the first show. Using it should increase your sales at a show like Main Street and enable you to take a more professional booth picture to help you get into other good shows.

        Larry Berman

        • It is not - but i found her through the ProPanel forum for renting.  It looks like I am going to purchase the ProPanel shelving and other accessories that I can't rent and then hopefully buy a used set of panels after the first show. 


          We have invested in a Hollywood Chair (so comfy!) - we've already used it at the Saturday market we go to and its so nice to sit eye-level!  Also, I hand stitch usually while were at the market and people enjoy watching me.

  • Very nice bags. I might have to have one! Or four!!! Here is a thought... Go to www.storesupply.com. I am thinking you could get a wall rack that would attach to the panels and cascade down like a graceful arm display. You could hang the bags off of the arm or arms and have an attractive look that would be user friendly. If that idea doesn't work they have lots of options available.
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