FOR SALE TALL PROPANEL SET UP- Gray propanels with the extension panels for a tall set up 
LOTS of hooks and a directors chair- SO many options for a creative set up with the 9 panels (does not do 3 solid 10' walls but see pics for ideas)...
Well organized and taken care of (see pics!). 
If you have ever seen someone with a SUPER TALL set up and thought- wow- this is your chance to have one:) You can hang and display so much more work without paying for a double space at shows.
Multiple set up options with seven 38" propanels and two 30" wide panels with the matching extension panels (30" and 38" wide respectively and 20" tall)- one more than what is shown in most of the photos below! This listing is for the propanel walls ONLY no canopy (but I can send you a link to the canopy I purchased if you need that part too!) 
I have 16 hooks and 27 extensions (you can hang 2 or 3 extensions from a hook to hang pieces below each other on the wall) plus a few short black metal hangers. Also three crossbars and several of the hooks for the top of the panels for stability,  and a show chair
Pick up or delivery from Asheville, NC -
Originally paid:
Propanels- (original 6') dark grey (7 - 38"; 2 - 30") $1200 (have added wooden legs - not standard but add height)
ProPanel extenders (20" height extra, 7-38", 2-30") $550
Directors chair 200
Metal anchor hangers (work with S-hooks I will include) $450
($10 each x 45)
Three support bars (various lengths) ~ $150
Stiffeners (standard, T and L) (5 st @ 12, 2 L @ 24 and 2 T @ 24)
Four panel top hooks for support ($?)
 main panels have been used more so are used "good" condition. Panel extenders are like new.
Asking $1600  OBO for everything! 



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  • Hi Amanda,

    Is your booth still available?

    Thank you,

    Marsha McCarthy 

    • Hi Marsha yes it is still available. 

      I have lots of folks interested in the canopy or panels separate but would still love to sell all together


  • Hey there. I'm actually going to be driving through there on my way to do a couple of shows in Atlanta. It's a little bit out of the way, but I really wanted to go see new morning gallery and some other lovely little places in Asheville, and my mom loves to go to Asheville so I thought I'd take her for a day or so. I am wondering, and I'm sorry if you have already answered this question, but you said you would be willing to separate the tent and the walls. Can you tell me please what you would be asking for the 10th separately and then for the pro panels separately? I can't afford it all, but I could probably pick one or the other.

    • Hi Anastasia... not sure if I missed you already but if you are still interested I posted separate prices below in the comments and I am making appts for people to see the set if they want it... pls email me if you want to see it

  • Hi Amanda!
    First off your artwork and setup is breathtaking! Truly stunning. Secondly, is your canopy still available? We are located in the Durham area and have family in Weaverville. So your location is very convenient for us. We are interested in the tent, canopy walls (not the propanels just the standard walls), stabars and awnings. My email is I'd love to get some more information from you. We were looking to upgrade our setup as we start doing out of state shows this summer.
    Thank you,

    Sara Anderson

    • Hi Sara- Thank you:):):)I'm sorry for the late reply-  I will email you if you are still seeking the canopy... I wasnt going to separate but have had lots of requests to do so.. I am also updating the listing here to reflect the separate costs- lmk if you want to come to Weaverville to see it! Amanda


  • *** A few folks have asked if I am willing to separate this set. 

    ENTIRE TALL Canopy with ALL awnings and stabars

    (not including weights or any panels or hooks etc)- like NEW- used twice!  - $2200 

    Propanels with extenders (tall set of 9 panels various widths read post), all of the stiffiners and crossbars and diplay hooks and stabilizing hooks etc. $2000 

    Chair, desk, pedastals- $200 



    • Hi Amanda, I'm in Weaverville but leaving tomorrow if this is still available please let me know. 

      • Hi Sara- Crazy I JUST messaged you - yes still available- I will PM you my ph number... 


  • Hello Amanda, is your tent set up still available for purchase? Please let me know, thanks Jennifer 

This reply was deleted.