My first booth!

Hello!  Early this year I decided to channel my passion -- photography -- into a side venture and sell at art shows.  Due to timing, I've missed out already on all the Summer and nearly all the Fall shows that require a booth shot (though I was able to get into six shows/fairs that don't require them).  However, after purchasing a canopy and selecting, editing, and ordering prints, I feel I am now prepared.

I set up my canopy in the back yard two weekends back.  Because this is my first year and my images are unproven, I decided to make things simple and offer my work in 20 x 30 metal prints, 20 x 30 canvas prints, 16 x 20 paper prints matted to 20 x 24, and 4 x 6 paper prints attached to A7 greeting cards.  My best images are in metal (15) and canvas (15), my next best are matted (30), and my lower-res prints and prints I'm on the fence about are on greeting cards (quantity to be determined).  At a show, I intend to have every image available in only one format, and if a buyer prefers an image he or she likes in a different format, I will be glad to take an order.  With my images untested, I cannot afford to have more than a couple copies of anything, lest they do not sell.

My canopy is a 9' Flourish Trimline with black mesh panels (I was drawn to their portability and their look).  I currently do not have lighting, but it's something I may consider once I get over the shock of this initial investment.  I intend the back table to house the greeting cards, but I may choose a different bin type (graywashed small wood crates?).  I will probably rethink the placement of the mat browsing bins, as they block some of the images.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  I'm both excited and nervous, as i don't know how my work will be accepted.  I appreciate any feedback that is offered!

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  • This is the kind of look I am going for. I actually like the Mesh. I think Panels are out of my budget, your layout highlights you art well. I like the info you gave regarding your stock and what you have on hand. That's another question I had. I would be drawn to this booth for sure. Nice work. Question. Would you have a stool outside your booth? Curious to see how you do. Good Luck.

    • Thanks, Darlene.  After reading many tips over the last few months, I decided to get a portable directors chair.  This keeps you at eye level with customers and also means you don't have to be on your feet for two and even three days.

  • Depending on the shows you are going in, you might not rely on or use much space for the photos of the statues.  I don't see much draw for customers to buy photos of other artists creations. Photos of Statues are just that. You have three positions of that.

    Antelope canyon and some others are common, anymore.

    Decide if you are going after the "Fine Art" market or something else and gear your display towards that.

    • Thanks for this feedback, Larry.

  • For jurying - try to keep pictures grouped by themes which could be subject or color. Remove one bin and remove the table. Back up so you don't cut any of your pieces off. Other than that it looks good.

    Larry Berman

    • Thank you for the feedback, Larry!

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