I have my first show where I'm selling encaustic coming up next month. And I'm flummoxed about the best way to transport my work. I've moved photography in the past and have the homemade silver bags for those and they work great. But my encaustic?

My work ranges from 4'x4' to 6"x6". Some is framed but even some of my large pieces (4'x2') are not. The small ones i can figure out - but does anyone have experience safely transporting encaustic work, especially larger pieces? 

Thanks! ~ Fletch

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  • I had to look up encaustic. It looks like a textured painting?
    I built large wooden boxes with casters. Inside I have thin hardboard dividers. The divider's are covered with cheap fleece and wide enough for two pieces. My artwork is slipped into each compartment back to back. If the piece dies not fill a compartment I stuff in old towels or cheap moving blankets to minimize movement.

    The wheeled boxes get loaded into mt trailer.
  • Have you seen the gallery pouch from Frame Destination.

    Larry Berman

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