I’ll be entering my first fair soon and space is not an issue. My plan is to show 10-15 large prints (40x60) along with more selections in one smaller size that I’ll print myself. I’m looking for a great printing company for the large prints and also am curious about the floating metal prints I see at most fairs and if that is my best option. Also, I’m out of Chicago, so I’m guessing that I’d be better off finding someone local to avoid shipping on my initial order.



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  • I use Blazing Editions in Rhode Island. blazing.com Ask for Merry. Tell them Ireferred. Exquisite work; you get what you pay for.

    • Thanks Jonathan, I appreciate the lead


  • ArtBeat Studios out of California has done a terrific job for me. Shipping is free. Quality customer service and gorgeous HD metal prints. 
    They take quite awhile however, so plan ahead! Larger orders especially can be up to a month with shipping times. 

    • Thanks Holly! I'll check them out

  • WHCC is not local but I believe over a certain price point shipping is free. Located out of the Twin Cities area in MN. I use them for my printing needs. 

    • Thanks for the info Stephen

  • I print at printique.com and bayphoto.com

    A word of warning: I do several art shows a year and 40x60 is very cumbersome.  You'll only be able to display 12 inside a tent and any damage to them is very costly.

    Personally, I stick to 20x30 and 24x36 as my biggest sizes at art shows, but 40x60 is certainly eye catching. 

    • Thank you for the info Richard, I appreciate it.


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