Who's happy? Who's crabby?

I'm stealing this video from my son's online marketing community website at ClickMillionaires.com.

I've just wrapped up the details from an art fair where I am the art director and also returned from the ZAPPlication conference and am feeling a little down at heart and maybe crabby too.

Why isn't anyone counting at least a few of our blessings?

Here's what Louis CK says:


What do you think?

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  • Connie....... I HEAR you loud and clear.  That's why it was really fun to listen to this guy today!  Laughed and laughed.... and yes... right out loud.  Thanks for the lift!  I'm going to plan on happy tomorrow!



  • I'm happy!   Then again I've just spent almost 4 weeks in Italy so I should be happy!!   Rather expensive therapy however for a crabby mood!
    • So there you are, you've been missed ... what a wonderful trip that must have been. My son and his wife are there right now.
  • This is very funny, and his points are well taken. A little gratitude and healthy sense of wonder would be great to see more often.
    • LOL. thanks...


      that was really nice. I'm feeling less crabby, at least for the 4 minutes it took to play.

    • I'm happy when Willie's crabby. But since he is happy when he's crabby, I am placed in a paradox. Because if I contribute to his crabby mood, he will end up happy and I, in turn will become crabby because when Willie is crabby, I am happy - unless that makes him happy which would mean that if I can keep will happy, he may get crabby because he was happy, BUT, if he became crabby, he would be happy anyway which may make me crabby, unless I was happy Willie was happy because he would be crabby.
      • Oh just combine the two and say you're feeling crappy.
      • Many thanks. A little more of that and I might do something else instead of sitting here.
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