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I'm in the market for a 10x10 Pro Panel Booth to display my photography. I'm looking for suggestions as to what Pro Panel options and add ons work best. 

Currently I'm leaning towards the seven or eight foot knock down panel kit in dark grey.

I'm curious if the telescoping legs are worth the investment or more of a gimmick.

Any suggestion or ideas on what works and what doesn't would be greatly appreciated.


- Mike

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I never liked the velcro strap panel connectors. I use electrical wire ties. I abandoned the metal reinforcer joiner channels. years ago. Uneccessary. invaluable however are the adjustable canopy sides reinforcement bars. I wire tie the panels to it.

Thanks for this info! It's really helpful. Do you get the electrical wire ties from any hardware store, or do you buy those online?

I have the adjustable legs and wouldn’t  be without them. I added some used panels that I made the conversion from standard legs to the adjustable and the only issue was the height difference. Only about a half inch when the screws were locked into the indentations on the extenders but enough to bug me a little bit. 

If you can transport full panels I’d do them over knock downs. The tent hooks are a good investment but the cable hangers I’d do without unless you have really heavy art to hang. 

Thanks for this info Doug. Can you explain why you'd do with the full size panel over knockdown? I was thinking that the knockdowns would be easier to transport.

Mike, I use a trailer and have built a cart which carries the walls so loading and moving is super easy. I find that just taking them off the cart with the panels already together in threes let’s me unfold them and takes less time. if your restricted on space knockdown would be appropriate. 

I think the Telescoping legs are worth it .

Looks like most folks prefer them so I'll keep that in mind when buying. Thanks

Foresure - the telescoping legs are a must. Adding extra height lets your work breathe while on the wall and at the same time lets you adjust better to uneven ground. Having just the 1 or 2" adjustments 'without' the extensions just isnt enough sometimes. I've had shows where there's easily been a 1' difference between my front to back or side to side. 

What are you transporting them with? I transport mine with a pickup truck (8'bed) with cap/topper. Just my thoughts but having 1 long panel is much cleaner looking then the knockdown panels. It's a better presentation then having different breaks in your panels in multiple spots. If you have a vehicle big/long enough to slide a 7' or 8' set of propanels in to, it's worth the solid piece panel.

Thanks for your response Karl. I have a Tacoma but it only has a 6 foot bed. I'm thinking I might have rent a trailer anyway so maybe I'll end up going with the original panels. I was thinking 7' would be a good size. Do you have a preference on height?

If your tent, wallet and transportation can handle the height of 8ft, you wont regret it.

I have 13 7ft panels right now with extenders and I wish I had 8ft. 

I'm making the tent upgrade to 8ft (that can extend to 9ft if needed) this year.

Either buying the 8ft propanels or the 20" Extender Panels that fit on the top of my existing panels next year.


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