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Looking for a web site designer that I won't have to take out a bank loan for!

I threw together our website over 12 years ago with MS Front Page and that's not supported by much of anything today - not to mention how dated our site looks!  I've gone through a dozen developers in our area and no one is interested - not enough $$ for them!  We don't want a shopping cart.  We've already got our domain name and am happy with iPower for hosting.  What we want is a drastically more artistic and visually appealing site that we can EASILY update with pictures, shows and other information.  Does anyone anywhere know someone that can do this?

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Try one of the template web sites like Wix or Other People's Pixels.

Larry Berman

I used to resist learning how to do these things myself and hired people for good money to do my site. Then everything got easier for a person who does not want to learn programming or WordPress and whatever software necessary to do cool things to create a website. There are excellent services available that have templates ready for you to use to set up your site. Do it yourself. You'll be so happy you did. YOu'll be able to add to it and make corrections so easily and quickly exactly when you want to do it.

I use Fine Art Studios Online. FASO. There are others, like Square Space. And others. My FASO site costs $28 per month. It's awesome. It could be even more awesome if I wanted to spend time tweaking and changing things and updating to their newer templates. But I love it as it is. It's seldom out of date, because I correct and add to it in a flash anytime day and night. No other person needed in the game.

Be like Nike and JUST DO IT! You'll be pleased. Good luck. WOOHOO!

Check out Artspan...............Easy to set up............great support...........good designs, and affordable.

It sounds like you just want a basic site.  What are they charging?

There are lots & lots of people / companies that can do your web site for you.

One big concern is integrity. Are they putting anything into the code you may not want.

I know of people who have written for others, cheaply, but put in DATA mining, snooping and other unwanted code.

If you have done it before, you may consider doing it again. Even Wordpress has some great stuff out there for free and a community that knows a lot. So many add-ons you can do most anything. Look at some of the Themes. You may find something already setup that will be great for you. Also with the support of the community it is pretty secure, constantly coming out with patches as needed.

Some data mining, like Google Analytics tags, you might want.  It can tell you about who visits your site and what promotions are working best.

I use Weebly, and love it. It is free if you don't mind the word Weebly as part of your website, and then when you want to upgrade, you can.

It is pretty easy to use, and I would just mess with it, until you are ready to put it out to the world. No one will see, until you direct them to your site. You can make all the pages visible only to you until you have them just the way you want. Just do it! You can't hurt a thing.

Oh, one more thing about Weebly, when I run into a roadblock, I google the problem, using the word Weebly, and usually find the answer.

What happened?  I posted this back in mid-February and all of a sudden I'm getting tons of replies?

Anyway, first off, we don't want a 'template' kind of website although they are very available and inexpensive.  We also are very pleased with iPower's hosting and prices, so we don't want to switch that.  The problem I've run into is that unless we're willing to fork out well over our $1k limit, I haven't been able to find anyone interested in making us one.

We don't want a shopping cart as most of people who find us on the web want custom anyway.  We want to be able to change pictures and text by ourselves.  We want something unique, artistic, and made for what we do - and that means two separate mediums.  We've told prospective developers they could use anything on our old site. 

No one I've found wants to give it a shot.  One said she'd send some pictures of prospective designs, but nothing ever came. 

Frontpage's most taken for granted features were great navigation and the ability to easily include blocks of the same information on each page. The ability to not make your web site look like a Frontpage web site was based on customizing the graphics. Over the years, we (Chris Maher and myself) built over 200 web sites for artists using Frontpage and creating graphics from their artwork. I've owned every version of Frontpage but preferred Frontpage 2000 the best. To edit those web sites I now have to open pages in Dreamweaver but none of the Frontpage functions will work on those pages if I do that.

Basically you can edit your web site but you will need an FTP program and a web design program like Dreamweaver. Frontpage, if it's still on your computer, can edit those pages and you can FTP them up.

My web site has hundreds of pages of articles relevant to artists. So I hired someone to build a Wordpress front end. My home page is a Wordpress blog and that's where I add all the new articles, linking them to the internal pages with related content. If need be I can edit internal pages using Dreamweaver because the person who built the Wordpress front end stripped the Frontpage code from the internal pages.

Larry Berman

Walt, I took a look at your website, and I will make some comments based on just my unprofessional opinion. The images are of too poor quality to use on a new website, you need to have all new images, not necessarily professional, but ones that show off your wonderful work. I made a quick website for you with one of your images, and if you scroll down, you will see what I mean. Don't worry, I can take it down tomorrow, I just wanted you to see why you really need new images. Also, I am pretty sure web designers use templates, they just know how to maneuver them to suit the clients needs.  They do that instead of reinventing the wheel every time, the code is built in.

Also, your present website doesn't have your name, so no one will ever find it even if they really want to. I also just noticed that I left a t off your last name. 

Well, first off, I don't make furniture - I make round things.  Next, the image you used was a thumbnail, but since that website was made with Frontpage, you need a browser that will open to the full one and almost all the new ones won't (haven't tried Edge, but Explorer will).  Old tech doesn't work well with new, especially software.  The real driver for our new site will be my wife and her hats though.  For some full pics of some of them go here:


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