I threw together our website over 12 years ago with MS Front Page and that's not supported by much of anything today - not to mention how dated our site looks!  I've gone through a dozen developers in our area and no one is interested - not enough $$ for them!  We don't want a shopping cart.  We've already got our domain name and am happy with iPower for hosting.  What we want is a drastically more artistic and visually appealing site that we can EASILY update with pictures, shows and other information.  Does anyone anywhere know someone that can do this?

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  • You can create a website easily by yourself if you use something like the hpage website builder. Just choose a design and add content as you go.

    • Hello,

      Try to get some advise. I am artist lives in New Jersey, USA. I have done paintings on convas, metal, and murals using oil, and acrylics.
      Try to find best web site design builders, if you advise me with ur past experience, which will be great web site builders.
      Thanks have a great holidays
      Kind regards
  • My day job is as a programmer, specifically for the web.  

    You've said you have your domain and hosting already.  You don't want a shopping cart.  It sounds like you want a business card / flyer on the internet. 

    iPower supports WordPress.  WordPress is free, and there are many, many, many excellent templates available for free or low cost. 

    An even easier option:  iPower also has a sitebuilder app that you should have access to as a customer.  If you were able to make a site using Front Page, you're going to think you're getting away with something by using a sitebuilder - they're that easy.  And unless iPower is evil, it will be free for you to use that tool.

    If you don't need a shopping cart, you can have a new site LIVE in an hour using iPower's sitebuilder (http://shop.ipower.com/website-builder).

    I hope this is helpful.

  • Just use a website builder. It's basically like an all in one platform. I use hPage Website Builder and I only pay 4.99 a month! Got my domain name, custom email, design, and business features for my website with them. A visually attractive appearance of a website won't matter if your content is not seen and is not searchable. hPage's designs might not be the best but their SEO is good and it's already optimized in your websites with them. You can look at https://www.hpage.com

  • Rick

    On your web site's contact page:

    You may want to use a method to secure your phone number and email address on the site.

    Yes, you want customers to see it and use it.

    No, you don't want DATA mining tools to pick it up and load you with spam etc.

    There are lot's of methods out there. You may want to employ some.

    • Good call. Edited. now ooff to taking all the other pics. 

  • You said that you don't want to leave IPower, but to get what you are asking for, you may have to. This is also an old post so you may have already done something.
    I use WIX. They have templates but you do not need to use them. You can build your own from scratch very easily, drag and drop.

    This is what I have done www.ericsart.com  It is super easy to update images and change things around. 

    • I panicked (sort of) and signed up for a Wix plan on Tuesday. Took some photos yesterday, bought a URL, and managed to make and launch a site in under 2 hours. Just a basic shell, esp since I have no clue what I am doing in the real art world (I'm a graphic designer by trade). I still have at least a 140 photos to take - no idea if that's too many pieces to put up. =

      The template(s) on Wix works great, and they have a timeline revert so you back up to any point in your build out at any time. 

      I hate to hijack a thread, but I don't think I can create one here yet.. so how many pieces of artwork is too many? Should I post a 100 and save another 140 to rotate in and out?

      and oh yeah... look at the dumb URL i picked: rickscribs.com - I was thinking rick scrib (like scribble), but most people will see ricks crib. And I'm not cool enough to have a crib, pad, or hangout. 

      • Did you ever get your website up and running?

      • It's easy to start a new thread. If you want people to read your domain name correctly internally capitalize the first letter of each word. Domain names aren't case sensitive until after the ".com"

        Larry Berman

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