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I made my own lighting system for my booth.

It gives lots of light over all three walls.

I have done them as two circuits so they can vary the light with the two dimmers separately.

The light units themselves are not noticeable, unless someone is looking for them.

Set up / installation of the lights themselves is less than 5 minutes.

The light coverage is good for all the walls without any hot spots.

No discernible heat from lights.

All low voltage, safe from shock or fire.

I made this using:

The carrier / Tubes:

PVC, non-conductive and weatherproof.

For the lights:,

I used LED strips. Here are the LED specs:

ISA Approved, RoHS Compliant, UL Listed

Weatherproof IP66

LED Type 5050 SMD

LED Lifetime 30,000 hours (if you ran them for 10hrs/day did 30) 2 day shows / year – they would only last for 50 years)

18 LEDs/Ft

180° angle (although I made the carrier to be more directional).

Operating temperature -25~+60 °C (-13~+140 °F)

Voltage 9~14.8 VDC

Approx. Current Draw @ operating voltage 4185 mA

Approx. Power consumption 81 Watts (maybe less, I don't remember exactly how much length of LEDs I made in it)

5,700K spectrum

Approx. 4,560 Lumens ( I may have been wrong in my earlier estimate of 6,600)

The wiring:

Outdoor grade. Outdoor polarized, quick disconnect connectors.

The dimmers:

Not necessary / optional.

The dimmers are not really outdoor rated however I mount them in my booth and have no problem at all. I just mount them with velcro, on the corner post.

Power source:

If you choose a marine deep cycle battery – they can clamp on.

If you choose a 117VAC then I use a power inverter.

Everything is made modular.

Installed Dimensions:

1” or less total diameter.

Length: I would have to take it out and remeasure, however I think I made it approx. 24' total lighting tube length.

Longer with extension tubes I made to support it and conceal wires to power source. This adds approx 20” at two points.

Although lighting coverage is 10' length of walls, the lights tube themselves run approx. 8' foot front to back x 2 walls and 7' side to side for rear wall. This is an estimate. It lit up my artwork very nicely.

The attached pictures will show them in my Undercover R-2 tent. In the second photo the arrows show the lighting unit tubes. You might not notice them in the first image.

Although a bit of this has been in a discussion before, I have had people asking about it, so I thought I would create it's own thread.

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I can't seem to edit this post? 

So I'll add here:

Packed Dimensions: (the important part).

All except the dimmers and extra long wire so I can reach battery if far away, fit nicely into a tube that is approx. 60” long by 4 1/2” round. The aforementioned might also fit in the tube, I just have not tried.


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