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Need to add lighting to my flourish trim line tent. I bought 6 light canisters and the tract from Flourish.  Each light is about 7 watts.   I am a solo artist and not young so I need to think about weight when it comes to battery options.  I understand Marine Batteries can be quite heavy.   I am looking at purchasing the Anker Powerhouse, compact 400 WH / 120000mAH battery from Amazon.  Anyone have any experience with this?  Will it provide enough power to light my tent for 10 hours?

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You should contact Anker and explain your requirements for lighting and get their thoughts. I don't have the powerhouse unit but i do have several of their smaller products. They are all of high quality.

Thanks Greg!

Lithium batteries are very light compared to Lead or AGM batteries. However VERY expensive.
If you are running 7 watt lights, multiply times how many of them. Figure out the current ie. 117v, 14v,12v etv. Convert to amps (ohms law). Multiply times the amount of hours they will be run between charges.
That will give an indication of what AH rating the battery needs.
Then you need to factor in the "usable" drain on the battery. Is it 50%, 70% etc. Most batteries cannot be drain ed down all the way without damage.
Any battery sufficient will be heavy. Instead find a way of lifting it 8n or out of the vehicle. Leave it on the dolly. The the difference in weight is not the issue.

I just found this company. I just ordered 2 lights to see how they will work. I don't expect much light out of them, and rarely do a show where there isn't any power. The reviews I have read were good


Did you order these lights?  How did they work for you? I am thinking about them..  Need something to light up two large pieces of photography.   


Hi Chris,

  I did get these lights, however I have only used them once. One light seemed to light up an area on one propanel fine ( 38 1/2 wide). They did last for 7 or 8 hours , then I would just charge the battery each night. Battery is very small lightweight. I think of them more as accent lighting, not strong enough to light a whole booth . I think you would might need one for each piece.



I am really an electrical dummy and would just like someone to check my math re: Anker Powerhouse. We run 8 11-watt LED lights on power strips.  That is 88 watts. When I look at the Powerhouse, I see 434 Wh, which I presume means "watt hours."  I divide 434 (battery output) by 88 (my power requirements) and get just over 5 hours.  Which would be really inadequate.  I can't even begin to figure out where amps fit into the equation but by my calculations, this is not gonna do the job. Am I correct?

W=A x V   therefore...

watts is equal to amps multiplied by volts.

In your case: Eight,) Eleven watt bulbs.

8 x 11 = 88


Assuming this is a low voltage (12 volt) system.

So 88=A x 12

Hence A= 7.3333333

Your amps are approximately 7.333

If your voltage is 110V then your amps are approximately 0.8

If you use a 120 AH (amp Hour) deep cycle, battery, you will easily go a full 12 hours with out problems.

you could use a 90AH battery, however this would mean draining the battery ALL the way down. Not something you want to do.


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