Any suggestions on which show I should do? I have paintings , mostly large scale and $4,000-$15,000 but I have prints in the range of $40-$175.

I have never done an Ohio show or a Minnesota show

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  • Hi Megan
    I have done the Bayfront art fair in Duluth. Last year was my first year at Bayfront and my second year doing outdoor art fairs. I'm a functional potter and my high end pieces for that show were $175. I did well enough to want to return this year. My expenses were lower than most. I live about 4 hours from Duluth and we camped out.
    Everyone who walked by seemed to be looking at the art and my customers who purchased seemed to do so without looking at the price tags.
    I didn't see any patrons walking the fair carrying large paintings, but the painter across from me sold at least 3 medium abstract paintings. He was only showing originals and a couple card-sized prints.
    If you happen to get to Duluth try to find the Duluth Grill. It's an interesting restaurant. And the local food co-op was great!
  • Depends on where you're driving from. Duluth is a long way from anywhere. Levis Commons can be a good show or a bad show, often determined by hot hot hot it gets on that asphalt. I live north of Detroit, and would choose Levis over Duluth, since it's closer, and my chances of making money are greater in Perrysburg. I suspect your work may be over the price limit for many of the patrons at either show. Perrysburg does have money, as does the Duluth area, but they don't necessarily frequent art fairs to buy expensive work.

    • I'm doing Levis Commons, against my better judgment, but I was rejected by Woodland in Lexington for the same date, so it's either that or stay home. I'll make sure I have enough range in price points this time. I've carried 20x30 canvases, and two sizes of matted photos, and have decided to add a smaller size to get the low end crowd. 

      • Levis Commons is a nice venue, well run by the Guild, and its chief enemy is weather and heat. Since it's in an upscale mixed use mall/office/residential setting, it has little shade and can be brutal in the summer sun. If it rains, no one comes. But you can say that about many summer shows. The area around it is middle to upper-middle class, and there are many nice areas around Perrysburg to feed the show. I bet you'll do fine there, Robert. I don't do it because I like taking August off and going West to make pictures and see the folks. 

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