I have been looking but cannot find a large enough waterproof tote, with wheels, , to carry and transport from vehicle to tent, larger framed art or prints, need minimum of 24 in length x 20 in height interior space (to carry 18x24 , or 20x20 art).  Home Depot, Lowes seems to have none that suit, interior dimensions can't be confirmed, or that are available in-store or online.  Sooo many totes available, but they all have the length, but none seem to have the height necessary.  Doesn't anyone make taller totes to acommodate larger items? Can anyone supply information (exact item #'s) or their solution to this?  I'm done transporting my larger pieces in large cardboard boxes that are cumbersome to move and if they get wet they are unusable.

Also looking for recommendations on platform trucks/ carts to haul art, tent, supplies from vehicle to tent, I see several online, foldable preferred. So often there is quite a distance to travel to get to tent set up.

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  • We had these tote bags made. Worked for us.  https://www.artfairinsiders.com/forum/topics/art-tote-bags-for-sale


    Art tote bags for sale
    Art tote bags made of very strong vinyl with mesh reinforcement. Nylon straps handles, vinyl flap covers, close with Velcro.   Transport and store fr…
  • A solution is to hack standard tubs. For 18x24 matted flip bin prints I took two 18-gallon Roughneck totes to create a taller container. You take the lids and remove the inner flat surface of the lids, leaving the ring that snaps onto the tub. Run a generous bead of Liquid Nails onto the remaining flat surface of the ring ofone of the lids. Take the other lid and apply it face-to-face with the first lid. Once the adhesive has set for a day, run a strip of Gorilla Tape all the way around the outside edge of the rings. Place the double ring on top of one tub. This is the bottom of your container. The second tub is now placed on top of the double ring upside down and becomes the "lid" for your container. This will hold 9 18x24 metal framed prints or a large number of flip bin prints. The interior clearance is about 25-26 inches top to bottom.

    For larger prints, I've done the same thing with the Rubbermaid 31 gallon totes. These will take 24x30 pieces will clearance topside and sideways. One of these I use for 24x30 flip bin pieces, and another I used for 20x30 gallery wrapped canvas prints.

    I use a Rocknroller cart, R12RT, that can carry 500 pounds, extend out to 52 inches, and collapse into a fairly small packaage. Smaller versions are available. I can carry 9 18 gallon rough tots in one pass with mine, and can drop one handle flat and carry Propanels flat. There's some overhang in front,so it's prudent to place something heavy at the other end so a hard bump doesn't bounce the panels off. You can find them on Amazon.


    Rock-N-Roller R12RT (All Terrain) 8-in-1 Folding Multi-Cart/Hand Truck/Dolly/Platform Cart/34" to 5…
    Rock-N-Roller R12RT (All Terrain) 8-in-1 Folding Multi-Cart/Hand Truck/Dolly/Platform Cart/34" to 52" Telescoping Frame/500 lbs. Load Capacity, Black…
  • I have this exact same dilemma and I've been searching for the right tote/bin for years. The problem with many is that the dimensions at the TOP of the bin fit my needs but they are all more narrow at the bottom of the bin and therefore do not work. I feel like I have exhausted the market looking for the answer. I will definitely be keeping an eye on your post to see if someone knows the answer...

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