I am applying to a renaissance festival and they require 8 jury photos. I have about 11 good ones to choose from. How should I decide which ones are the best of the best to submit An example of this is below... The focus is of the booth shot - which one do you think is best. OR! Should both be included?

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  • I was thinking about that Larry , I checked out your link/site today. I don't have slides, but photos 4x6 in size. I have been playing with layouts on my kitchen table. For me the jury requests photos of what I make - and I make several items (another hard thing to decide - which ones are the best and show the most variety). The event is held outdoors where I could possibly have a permanent building type booth or something or a build a booth option - this is in the forefront of my mind as I want to make sure I include the best booth photo (geared towards this event). Decisions. Decisions.
  • Upload your photos to my resource web site: http://JuryImages.com
    Then you can try different arrangements and even post a link to the forum for others to critique them.

    Larry Berman
    Digital Jury Services
    Test Your Jury Images and Presentation
  • I uploaded the other photos and put them in an album via my profile. My guess is if anyone wants to give their input on the photos you can check out the album. Thanks for the feedback Dave.

    My dad is a photographer (was before he retired and health went bad) and know several great photographers too (who have offered some great advice when I do guest speaking engagements) however, I am always second guessing myself. Some I feel the photos are excellent, but then others I might be over-analyzing regarding lighting and such. This is why any opinions on this matter would be really appreciative. - Michelle
  • I think both of them, since they require 8. One shows the outside appearance of your booth, the other as people would see it if they stepped into the booth. I'd also include more closeups of your shelves of products. If they only required 4 photos, I'd just use the outside shot of your booth setup.
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