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Two shows this year that I am interested in have later deadlines and give me the opportunity to submit in a new medium I've never submitted in before. Which raises a question for me ... do jurors like to see a consistency of style ... or is it ok to show a variety of styles. Example: all landscapes or all abstract or a mix?

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In better shows, mixing abstracts and landscapes will get you a no.
Those aren't styles. They are themes.

Definitely DO NOT apply with different bodies of work.  In the better shows the jurors will interpret that as being inconsistent and you won't be taken seriously.  If you have different work, your best option is to submit two separate applications, but with that you'll need two booth shots as well.

Good advice there. Thanks.

I agree with applying in two categories.  I have several styles myself, one that is more commercial, and one that is fine art.  It took me a while to figure this out!  Sometimes I have been accepted in both categories, than ask for a double booth.  Good luck!  

I've done two mock juries, and as others have stated, consistency across the body of works is more important.  Is it possible, though, for you two submit two applications?  One for each style or medium.  If the jury selected both, then you could ask permission to combine booth.  And if only one got selected, then you'd know which style/medium was more pleasing (to the jury, at least!)

Keep it as a consistent body of work. That's the recurring theme I keep hearing at mock juries and workshops. I submit two different bodies of work if it's a tough show to get into. Each body of work has a different booth shot.


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