I have heard persistent rumors of artists applying to one show on Juried Art Services, and being accepted into another. This has happened to me twice now this year, and while I can't say for certaintly that it's not user error, it seems to be happening to other artists as well. Let us know if you've had a similar experience.

Briefly, it seems to happen with similar shows that are run by the same promoter. For example, I wanted to apply to Naples National. I read the information, and then clicked on the link at the bottom of the show info page to Apply. Filled out the form, paid my money via PayPal, didn't think about it until the jury results were announced. Then I realized that I'd actually been applied to the Downtown Naples show in March. Not what I was expecting.

The same thing happened just recently with Amy Amdur's Art at the Glen. I applied to the Glen, and to Port Clinton. On JASV, her apps let you apply to a number of shows at once, and aggregate the fee. Port Clinton is separate though, as I recall. When the results were posted a couple of days ago, I was accepted into the Glencoe show, which I never apply to. No sign of the Art at the Glen app.

User error? Glitch in the system? I've heard rumors of this happening to other artists, so if this has happened to you, please post your experience here.

I suspect it is user error, compounded by a faulty user interface on JASV. But I can't rule out glitches in that system -- there are many inconsistencies with the way they handle apps. Amy's application is a good case in point. 

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  • To follow up on my previous post, Paul Fisher from Juried Art Services called me Friday afternoon, as I was setting up for Coconut Grove. We spoke about the two instances above, and he felt that it was probably user error and not an issue with the web site. He pointed out that the names "Art at the Glen" and "Glencoe Fine Art Festival" are pretty close to each other; the Naples shows likewise have similar names. He thought that it would be pretty easy to click on the wrong button inadvertently and that was much more likely than any issues with the web application. 

    Just to clarify another point -- I said that the interface is inconsistent with Amy's applications. What I meant was that the JAS interface handles apps for her shows in aggregate, rather than individually, as it does for all other applications. An artist can apply for some or all of her shows with one application, by clicking multiple buttons. Since it is an "app within an app", that's inconsistent with the way other shows are handled. While it's definitely an advantage to be able to apply to several of Amy's shows all at once, it's also easier to make a mistake. If you apply to several of her shows, and pay for them all at once, the receipt indicates only that you've paid an event fee for "Amdur Production, Inc." It doesn't list the individual shows on the receipt. 

    One other positive note that came out of my phone conversation with Paul was my suggestion to add the name of the show being applied for at the top of the preview page. I use the preview page to print a copy of my show applications, and file it along with my PayPal receipt to keep a paper trail of my apps. In the past, the preview has not included the name of the show, just the artist's images and statement. Having the show name on the preview page will help keep track of what's being used in that particular show. Even though the preview is mainly designed to show how the jurors will see the application, I find it useful to make a hard copy of the app for my records, and having the show name on the application will definitely be an improvement. Having a separate printable page might be even better.

    I'm still curious to know if others have had similar experiences. Paul asked me to cite other examples of artists who have had the same problem. I do know of other artists who have mentioned that they had a similar issue, but I don't want to speak for them. (I know that some people are sensitive about speaking up about any issue that may affect jurying for shows.) The organization at Juried Art Services is quite responsive, and will email you or call you back within 24 hours if you contact them with a problem. If you feel comfortable posting it here, please add your note to the thread.

    • Paul Fisher contacted you because I sent him a link to the forum post asking him to look into the issue. Personally speaking, I haven't heard of this issue before. Amy Amdur isn't the only promoter with multiple shows on a single application. Crafts America (Betsy Kube) does the same thing with her Westchester and Washington craft shows.

      Larry Berman
      • Thanks, Larry. I appreciate that.  I did send an email to JAS before I posted this. My main reason to post here was to see if anybody else had had the same problem.
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