A gallery owner in Gray, Maine has sold some of my work in the past few months and I have not received a payment from her for over 6 months. When I requested the return of my remaining work she told me to have a friend come get it. She said she doesn't get to the post office. I live in Florida! 

She has not replied to my email telling her I cannot ask a friend to do this and I am at odds as to how to handle this.

Any suggestions please?

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  • I don't know how large your work is, but you can also send a UPS call tag to pick up and return the work to you. But she would have to pack it up, so ... ?

    • This is a wonderful idea, thank you!

      I will communicate with the gallery owner when I am a bit cooler.

      Hoping others do not have to deal with this woman.

  • Your livelihood is in the hands of someone who can't or won't make a trip to the post office.  I suppose with no contract she is under no obligation to pack it up and send it to you.  Though a professional would try to work out something regardless of a contract.  Do you really believe she will treat your art well if left in her hands?  I believe I see a trip to Maine in your near future.

    • I am in Florida so there is no trip to Maine coming any time soon. 

      Somehow these things always do work out but in the meantime I am a bit unnerved and ticked off.

  • Cheryl,

    do you have some kind of contract with the gallery that spells out commissions, timing for either party to end the contract, costs of shipping/returning items?

    • no, my idiocy for not having one. i know better.

      • Well, you could look around and see if you can find another artist in the area, explain the situation and have them pick it up. It sucks that the gallery is putting this on you, but the key thing is to get back whatever you can salvage at this point.

        Are you a member of NAIA? If so, you can look into their artist list and see who is in Maine that might be able to help.

  • Contact an attorney.

    • i was hoping not to have to.

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