I started off with open edition prints and am slowly building up my inventory of limited edition prints.  I have heard of people doing it, but I want to know if you guys think it's ethical to have limited editions in one size and open edition in another of the same image? 

I have some commercial retailers that use my open edition prints and now I am struggling on what to keep limited edition and what to keep open.  I wondered if it's ethical to sell limited editions in shows of 11" x 14"s, and open editions of 8" x 10"s to retailers of the same image. 

I don't sell my limited editions for much money in comparison to most people, I just want to start doing limited editions because most shows either prefer it or require it.

What do you guys think?

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  • Do what ever you want as long as the customer knows the truth about what they are purchasing. That's what the COA is for.

    I knew some of the most (presumed to be) ethical photographers in the business who cheated. One wrote the edition number on the outside of the clear bag and the other wrote his catalog number on the back in a way to make people think it was an edition number.

    In both of those cases, they were cheating the customer. Include a COAwith each piece explaining what you are doing.

    Larry Berman
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