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Hi, I am new to "insiders" so forgive if this has already been covered.  I am looking for some decent indoor art fairs in the Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, Indiana, Kentucky areas.  Any good ones out there?  Thanks!

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  • There are several places you can go to research shows. I would start by reviewing blogs on this site as well as checking out People review shows on this site all the time and you can get some excellent insight. You can also check out shows on Zapplication, JAS, and Entrythingy. In addition, Sunshine Artists and Artfair Sourcebook are excellent resources as well as word of mouth. Whenever I a m doing a show, I make sure to talk to other vendors about shows that I might not know of or shows which I have little info on. I do lots of google searches and then look at the previous year's artist lists. Good Luck
    • Thanks Diane. You sound like me -- Google is my best friend! I've just recently made the decision to give up on outdoor art fairs. I just can't take the heat, the cold, the rain, the tornadoes (been there, done that), the mud, the dust, and the stress that comes with worrying about all of that.
      • Cynde,
        I agree but I have found that during the spring to fall, indoor events are few and far between. In addition, indoor events are more costly because the promoter usually has to pay big bucks for the venue. I now try to choose outdoor events carefully - if I am putting up with the elements I want it to be worth my while. Also most indoor events charge admission - now that's another discussion (which has already been conducted) on the advantages/disadvantages to events that charge admission. I haven't done any shows in the states that you have listed. I would go to Kentucky - my sister lives in Lexington - but I only know of outdoor events there. Good luck
        • I agree with you Cynde. The indoor events worth doing for me are MUCH more expensive upfront and usually have some type of limitation to getting in, either being addmission cost, business owner or invite only. Plus setting up indoor has its pros and cons.
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