ok hello, I am a noob here at AFI and was instructed to come introduce myself. I, being obedient made sure to stop by and say hi.


I'm Sean and I take pictures....lots and lots of pictures. And from time to time I exchange them for money at various art shows across the state/country etc. 


I stumbled upon this site while doing a Google search for something...and I don't really remember what it was, but here I am. Don't get too mad at Google for directing this babbling baboon to your forums, it's not really their fault.


Anywho, hope I can participate in some way shape or form here and this looks like an interesting enough site that I can spend some time on. 


Later on, Sean

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  • Welcome.  Your work is wonderful and you have a great website.  

    The people here are wonderful and you can really learn a lot.  It isn't an easy time to be an artist but artists seem to be the happiest people I meet.

    Good luck to you.

    • Thank you, nice to meet you!
  • Welcome, Sean. We look forward to hearing more from you and sharing our deep fund of information. Where do you live? Done any shows lately? Where? Got any coming up?
    • Hi, I live in FL. The last show I did was mid May in P'Cola. I don't have any coming up as of right now. Applied to a bunch so we'll see. I only started last Nov in the show circuit. Thanks for welcoming me. The site looks nice.
  • Hello Sean and welcome.  We are glad that you have joined us here.  Have you been doing art shows for very long?  I really love to look at good photography.  It is fun to see what the photographer has captured on film or the camera card.  Have you switched to digital or do you still use film? 

    I hope to see you in the forums.  There is so much to take advantage of here.

    Jacki B

    • Hello nice to meet you and sorry for the delay. I have only started into doing art shows since last November. I did less than 10 last season all down here in FL. I've been using digital for several years now, but only recently decided to show my work. See ya soon.
    • Welcome Sean! Enjoy the forums.



      • Hi thanks!
  • Hi Sean and welcome aboard :) I'm Annette, the token Aussie member and I make jewellery.   There is so much here to learn you won't want to leave in a hurry and then you'll have to come back again and again and again to see what everyone has been up to!  Enjoy :D
    • Hey, nice to meet you. Sorry for the delay. Hope to learn lots of things from you all.
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