I need a wood artist

Hi Friends..... I am going to re-design my booth for next year. I am interested in finding a wood artist that can make me some shelving units that transport easily and are artist friendly and appropriate for the show circuit. I always look to the artist community first, so if you are a wood worker and would be interested in this type of work, please contact me. My booth is a 10x10. Thanks!!!!! Elle

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  • If you're still looking for something, I bought 2 very cool display risers from a great source on Etsy:


  • Hi Elle,

     I made a four shelf unit out of 1/2 inch plywood that is quite simple to make, not very expensive, and comes completely apart and stores as flat pieces of plywood. Once I set it up, I simply drape it with cloth and that is it. I stack the parts against the wall in my trailer and bungee them into place. The back which is the largest piece is about 48 inches wide. It is 36 inches deep from front to back. However, all of the dimensions could be adjusted for your specific work or transportation vehicle.

    The good part is that like I said it is simple to make and just about any wood worker could build it for you. 

    Wayne Hayden


  • How heavy are your pieces?  The thing I have found with shelves is stopping them from tipping over when used outside.  That is why we not use "the coffin" as we call it.  It is a folding (kind of) unit that once up looks like an entertainment center.  It goes up without screws because it pressure fits together. The shelves are adjustable.  When folded down, everything fits inside, and it acts as a cart for hauling your times to the booth location.  I just had the drawing done for selling the plans showing how to make it.  I have attached photos of it folded and set up. Maybe something like this would work for you.



    • Chris, are the plans ready for purchasing?  Thanks!!!! Joan


    • Wow! That does look interesting.  I am a potter and that or a variation would work for me.  I am definitely interesting in knowing more!Contact me at cpniebres@gmail.com

    • Wow, Chris that is awesome. My pieces are light. I would like to know more about that. It looks great! Stloustyler@yahoo.com
    • Wow Chris, that is really cool.  Let me know when the plans are available, I might be interested!  I like the apparent flexibility of shelf placement.

      Ellie,  I use folding bookshelves from Home Decorators Collection.  They are stackable so it lets me flex a little with the environment.  I'm on season two with them and they are doing great.  http://www.homedecorators.com/P/FoldingStacking_Bookcase/830/

      • Thanks Amy, I am checking those out right now
  • Hi Larry
    Thanks I will check that out. I am coming to see you this fall if that is ok. I want to do the booth shot at your house and the jury photos. I am thinking mid-late October. Talk to you soon!!!
  • Hi Elle,

    This might help. It's a resource for folding bookcases:

    Larry Berman

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