I make fused glass and started to bring my stain glass to art fairs. Right now I have tables and a tent. My tent is 10x 10 and I used two 6 feet tables. What is the best way to display my stain glass and fused glass. Please let me know and have a good day.




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  • Hi. The green and blue were the tents next to me. I will talk a look at the next show I go to. Thanks
  • One thing is for sure, eliminate all color from the background in your booth. Two pictures have green backgrounds and one has a blue background. If they are your colored sides, replace them with white sides for your canopy. If they are the booths set up behind or next to you, keep your white side walls down. You can't show clear glass in front of colored walls. Always control what people see when they are standing in front of your booth.

    Getting back to your question on hanging. Are you asking about the framework or how to add hangers to your glass? Most stain glass artists I've seen have a metal framework within their booth that they can hang work on. You need to walk some shows and see how other glass artists are hanging their work.

    Larry Berman
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