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I am going to do a show in a convention center that puts up dividers with grotty looking curtains. for those of you who do not have propanels, how do you hang your curtains? I plan to use white sheers, in front of the ones provided.

Thank you

Chris King

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I only do an indoor show about once every 3 years or so and I have been using a frame unit that I bought from Flourish some time ago. The price was reasonable. It is just bars that come apart so it's easy to store away. It is easy to set up but for about 2 minutes you should have three total people so that you can steady the poles. Neighbors have always been helpful. It is for hanging curtains or drapes.

I built a set of curtain rods and posts from pvc pipe. They all pull apart easily for storage.

Dh rigged the same thing for us.  We can configure several variations from 10x10 up to 10x20.  The horizontal pipes are cut tin 5’ lengths to give more flexibility in set up.

Hi Chris. I always use curtains in my booth but since all of my work is hung, I also use 7' grids and we bungie the curtain rods at each end.  One thing that comes to mind for you though is, most convention curtains that I've seen here in NM are red and sheer isn't going to do much for you if you don't want to see the color.  I would use black and if I didn't have the grids, I'd still use curtain rods and bungie at each end of the metal poles used by the convention center.  Good luck.

I may be picturing it wrong in my head but if their grotty curtains are part of the dividers and your booth can't you use magnets? One on the backside of grotty, the other on your side. Any home center or hardware store has them in various sizes and magnetic strength. Quick and easy.


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