Well I have just been excepted into The Highlands Mansion crafts show for September , But I have been given a choice of either setting up in the Mansion itself or in a tent out side. Anybody out either done the show or gone to the show with and opinion about the choices, I would appreciate your thoughts. Oh by the way Happy Mothers day to all the MOMs out there.


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  • I am downunder, so no idea on your venue however if I'm given a choice I will usually take indoor space so that I don't have to lug the tent, I don't have weather worries and I have access to power for lights - much better for jewellery!

    • That is a good point. Thank you
  • This will be my first time there so I'm wondering the same.  Is an irregular inside space better or the tent.  I sell jewelry and use 4 ft tables so I do have some flexibility.  I wonder if most customers just walk around outside or if the interior of the mansion is also well attended.  Weather in early October in PA can be warm and sunny or cold and rainy.  Thoughts?

    • I have an indoor booth set up and am now just looking to get an outside tent structure. I don't know if the irregular spots would work form my present booth. So I emailed the show people to find out how irregular is irregular. I am leaning towards the outside as I believe the majority of artists will be outside. I have emailed a few people who did the show in the past and am waiting to hear. SO I am still in decision mode.
      • Let me know when you find out something.  Thanks.  See you there
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