• Hi Linda and welcome aboard :)   Congratulations on your show schedule thus far!   Do check out the forum (use the top menu bar to get there) as there are lots of discussions on display and booths that will help you!
    • Thanks a lot and will do!
  • Hell Linda and welcome.  Glad to have you here with us.  You should find a wealth of information here to help you.  Also, feel free to post any questions you have.  The members are very friendly here. 

    You got into Ann Arbor.  Good for you!  That is a great show. 

    Jacki B

    • Thank you Jacki - yes now I need to live up to it!
  • Hi - I'm a newbie to the art fair business and loving it. I've worked with photography since studying at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, and in 2005 started selling some of my work. In 2010 Theodore M. Shinkle joined as a partner to assist with production workflow and weigh in with artistic decisions. After his entry into the business we began entering juried art shows and are pleased to report that we have 5 shows on the drawing boards for the summer including the Ann Arbor State Street Art Fair and the Edina Fine Art Fair outside of Minneapolis. We're still gearing up our booth and welcome display or any other recommendations.
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