Just joined the other day and got an email suggesting I introduce myself. I'm
Andrew and I started in this business making chainmaille jewelry. We opened up a website Chainmaille by MBOI http://chainmaillebymboi.com. Well we couldn't stop there, then my wife and I, my partner in crime, opened a forum devoted to handmade. The Handmade Artists' Forum http://handmadeartistsforum.com. The forum and blog are devoted to supporting handmade artists form around the world. Then we went on from there, I guess you can't keep us down LOL and opened a shop. The Handmade Artists Shop http://handmadeartistsshop.com which is an online marketplace. The HAFshop as we call it is like an Etsy or Artfire marketplace but handmade only. We don't allow vintage, mass produced, or non-handmade supplies.
Now off to fill out my profile, may take me a while.
Anyway nice to meet everyone looking forward to being a part of this community.

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  • Jacki,
    Yes you add one link at a time. So weaves however you can used closed rings as well. So you may close an open ring on multiple closed rings so it speeds things up. No matter what though you touch all the rings at least once.
  • Andrew, I have a question for you.  Do you add each one of those links by hand when you make chainmaille?  I have always wondered about that.  Chainmaille is fasinating to me.

    Jacki B

  • Hello Andrew and welcome.  We are glad that you have joined us.  I will have to take a look at your websites.  It sounds like that were a great idea, too.

    Jacki B

  • Thanks for the love guys, you are so sweet!

  • Hi, Andrew!!!!! :) 

  • Absolutely Anette I remember that as well. Still pushing on trying to support handmade. The wallmart mentality is taking over the world, I feel like we're fighting a losing battle sometimes LOL

  • Hi Andrew and welcome aboard :)  I remember you from Creative Bloggers a few years ago!

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