• Hi- I wrote a review on the 2017 show here on Art Fair Insiders- you can probably find it by searching it.  I agree with Randy it was slower last year but still a very good show.  If you live close I would definitely check it out- even if by just attending next year.  The quality of art is really outstanding and the size of the show is perfect.


    • Oh and yes the free housing with a host is wonderful!  Great way to save money and meet a local who will probably visit your booth and bring their friends.

  • I did it last year. 

    I think it was a difficult year as John Deere had some sort of 100 year celebration the same weekend.    Attendance was not great, and may artists commented on the difference from prior years.  The local region is heavily employed by John Deere manufacturing.  Hopefully it was a 1 year blip.  

    The art festival is extremely well run.  The services, organization,  dinners, constantly offering ice cold water/snacks, and attention to the artists needs is one of the best I have observed.  They even asked at takedown for input.

    If I lived closer I would try it again.  I may in the future but probably not this year as I did not get a line of three weekend shows to fit for me.

    • Thanks Randy. I live 2.5 hours away and the application says they provide some free housing for artists so that should save some money I would have spent on a hotel. Has anyone taken advantage of the free housing?

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