Gridwall: Metal Art Display issue

We bought gridwalls to display our sublimated metal prints. Our problems are:  What is best for securing the metal prints to the gridwalls so they do not fall off.  The s hooks we bought were small so it did not feel secure.  The metal prints have mounts on them or a wood frame mount on the back. If measuring from aluminum picture to the distance of the mount, it is about 3/4 of an inch away from the grid.

We will be displaying sizes from 8" x 10" up to 24" x 30".


We are also concerned up the metal prints not getting damaged by the metal wire grids. 

Any ideas?

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  • Take a piece of scrap wood on the back side and screw the bracket to it from the front.
  • I hang heavy wood art on grid walls using J Hooks at are about 1" I believe. I have to use one on each side to make sure it's secure. I hang cloth panels down the back of the gridwall for a better appearance. I'm honestly looking too for a better system with panels but I'm not sure they would support the weight of the wood pieces. 

  • If you are talking about the gridwall paanels that have the grids that are about 3" apart these gridwall picture hanging hooks will work great and are very affordable

  • Be aware that many of the better shows prefer professional looking (carpeted) panels that create a less distracting see through look. Consider covering your grid walls.

    S hooks are available in many sizes. Check your local Home Depot or Lowes.You can make your own hangers by bending pieces of metal. Another option is that Flourish sells strap hangers that go over the top bars of your tent.

    Larry Berman

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