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I have to stay in Texas for this year and need some help in compiling a list of good Texas shows to apply to, large and small.  Any little treasures out there for a photographer?  Any ones to avoid like the plaque?  I have been accepted to Bayou City and Rockport in the past.  Any tips will be appreciated.

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I did it for the 1st time in '10.  Crowds were supposedly down due the threat of hurricane weather; however, the weather was gorgeous and not the sweltering hot that other people who had done the show warned me about.  The spaces are strange: only 8' deep under their tent, then a walkway, and you can set up a tent on the other side in addition.  Most artists do that due to the smaller spaces than standard. 

I made enough to cover expences; that's it.  The most I saw leaving with people were driftwood bird sculptures.  Good art, but not a lot of "big" buyers; but isn't that the story everywhere now?  I noticed that in advertising they claim to have had 10,000 visitors last year.  I think that's an inflated number.  Would I do it again?  Maybe.

Hey Carol.  I think some are hesitant to just give you all the cards when we don't know you very well etc. etc.  BUT coming from an oil painter who does mostly skies (storms) and tree images I can tell you it really varies in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area at least.  Cottonwood will be good one year and the next it will be down.  I can't seem to get into Southlake so I don't know about it but my friends tell me it's a great show. It's small and hard to get a foot in.  Main Street is known as the diamond in Dallas/Ft. Worth area but I never apply as it is too long of a show for me with little children.  I hear that your busy all day, everyday though.  I will never do Dallas CityArts again.  But I have friends that do well at the 500inc. shows.  I think it's up to your medium and the setting.  God bless this year.  Hope Texas turns out to be great for you. 


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