Hi all!

Needed:  A good idea to install my flouish mesh wall panels on this provided tent.  I currently have a 10x10 pop up with the Flourish white mesh panel set up on 3 walls.  A festival I will be doing in April does not allow us to bring our own pop up tents.  Instead they hire a party company to install 10x10 tents that are super tall and have metal poles. I winged it on one of the festivals and put my tent inside their tent.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to make this work?  Looking for conversion ideas.  Currently the Flourish panels hook and strap to the expandable upper portion of the 10x10 with 3 metal poles at the bottom secured to each of the 4 tent square expandable poles. here are some photos to assist.  It takes a village....Your insight or ideas is much appreciated!  Kippi

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  • If the cross bars are the right height, flip your mesh walls upside down.

    larry Berman 

    • AHH great idea.  Thank you!

    • Good call Larry-  that's exactly what I have been doing.  The straps are adjustable.  You can also put a pole at the bottom to help keep the fabric straight.

      • Thank you!  will do!

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