I am in a quandry.  

I am a photographer and have been showing my work for 3 years.  I print on canvas, acrylic and luster paper my pieces sell $30 - $700.  Some of my luster prints I frame but most I mat and celaphane sleeve for quick sales.  The price range is $30 - $60 depending on size.  Should I print on fine art paper, mat and celaphane sleeve for $75 to up my brand?  This is something I struggle with and wonder if anyone has insights, thoughts or advice!




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  • Lower cost papers for unsigned or open edition to keep price point low. Then your best work signed, limited edition in nice frames ( not off the shelf) at higher price point on art papers.

    • Thank You Rob that makes perfect sense!!!!



  • Just to give you a pricing reference, here is my matted print price list. I print on Inkpress heavy weight glossy for the visual punch. I used matte surface for years but public preference moved away from that, so It's all been high sheen glossy for about the last 5-6 years. My mattes are standard white witha vee groove added for a decorative touch. The groove costs more, about 30% extra if I recall correctly, but the "look" makes it worth it.

    The odd sizes on prints are to keep proper cropping when an image is from a 3x4 aspect camera, but the main camera is the usual 2x3 aspect.

    5x7.5/5.625x7.5 in 8.5x11 matte; $20

    8x12/9x12 in 12x16 matte; $35

    12x18/12x16 in 18x24 matte; $70

    16x24 in 24x30 matte; $95

    I'm considering adding 24x36 prints in flush mount on foamcor this year, thinking that $140 seems about right or 30x40 matted for $170. I carry 24x36 accrylic prints and they're a time consuming thing to hang and especially pack up in their individual cardboard boxes. Those are the largest sizes I carry, and I've found that few of those sell but they drive good sales from the flip bins.

    I raised prices on all but the smallest size last year. That one has enough margin that I could absorb the higher material costs. I might mention that the smallest size tends to sell multiples for groupings, so 3 or 4 at a pop is not unusual.



  • I also do prints on Lustre paper, with mat, backing and sleeve. Similar price points. Unless someone orders an image on fine art paper, I do not get images printed on it. To be honest, most people are not going to see or understand the difference. They will see that it is more expensive. I offer the options on my web site, and I also have a list of options for custom orders that I hang up in my booth when doing art shows. 

    • I just checked your website.  Beautiful work!!!  Do you drop ship on Etsy? My work is different then yours so I don't think I am taking from your store/business.  

      • Thank you! I do drop ship for Etsy orders. I actually sell far more from there than my web site. But I still need my web site for other things that are not part of Etsy. 

        • Thank you Kimara!!!


    • Thank you for this and I agree!  I'll take a look at your website


  • I also love luster paper for photographs. It looks good and doesn't show fingerprints. I've tried high quality fine art paper and I've found that it really brings it up notch. A lot depends on your subject matter. Buy a box and try a few prints. I suspect that you will be pleasantly surprised and that it might give you another price point. I've had excellent results with Aurora Art White 250 & 300 from Red River Paper. Good luck.

    • I will give this a try!

      Thank  You I am always researching and exploring.


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