NEW OPTIONS Will Lower Price by 500.00 for all four cases and pedestals! Lower individual double cases by $100.00 and bridge with tower by $120.00. Selling my Dynamic Display System set up. Due to Health issues I am no longer doing outdoor shows. These cases really brought up my level of getting into shows. They give you the professional look and security your work deserves. Selling all for $2989.00(asking price). This will include the travel case, affectionately called the small coffin that holds all the cases and tops; the legs (that are in their fabric bags all in a duct taped cardboard box for storage and travel); and the black panels There is One,flat double cases with legs Two, double angled cases with legs One Bridge with tower and legs All shelving and panels I will sell individual cases. I will box and ship at your cost. A double angle case with pedestal, panels, and shelves is $620.00 shipping about $75.00-85.00. 2 available. New would be $827.00 plus shipping A double flat case the pedestal, panels and shelves is $620.00 plus shipping of $75.00-85.00. New would be 827.00 plus shipping. Bridge with tower cases with pedestals, panels and shelves is $783.00 plus shipping of 100.00 - 125.00. New would be $1008.00 plus shipping. Tower alone $455.00 plus 75.00- 85.00 shipping. New would be $605.00 plus shipping. Bridge with pedestals, panels and shelves; no jewelry case $358.00 plus shipping of $100.00. New would be $583.00. The new prices included the cost of the black panels which you must add separately on the website. These have some scratches, after years of use, but nothing to detract from their beauty. I am not sure how much it all weighs. I am guessing between 150 to 180 pounds when fully loaded. My husband got it in and out of the van by himself. I can roll it around once out of van. New this would all come to 3989.00. The picture of the travel case is from website. Mine is worn but useable. Local pick up is in Lawrence, Kansas. Save on shipping. Only 45 minutes from Kansas City.


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  • are the pedestals 36" or what size

  • Can you put up a picture of the display say at a show or something-I am interested but would like to see it -you can email me at  I live in New Jersey.

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