Durable Pop-Up Style Tent Suggestions?

Hi there! I'm new to Art Fair Insiders and I was hoping you all could give me some insight. 

Does anyone have experience with the Expo Pro from Instant Promotions or anything from Promotional Design Group?

I'm looking for a heavy duty, durable, and waterproof pop-up style tent for art shows. Something that will last me for many seasons.I make fine jewelry and have a relatively minimal set up.  I take everything with me at the end of each show day and don't leave much behind in my tent that could be damaged by weather. 

I've considered the Light-Dome, Trimline, etc. canopies but I don't think that they would be the right fit for what I need and do. I set up by myself so I feel like some of the frame tents would require more set up time for a tent that is too heavy duty for my needs. I don't hang heavy paintings or need heavy walls.

I want something that can hold up like the frame canopies claim to with the ease of set up of a pop-up.

Thank you so much!


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  • I have a Vitabri pop up and it is extremely well made. I chose this model also because it has a vinyl top as does the Trimline and Light Dome. Many people use pop up tents that have polyester tops. However, I have never seen a Trimline or Lightdome with a polyester top...
    • Thank you, Greg. Vinyl seems to be the only way to go to stay dry.

      • Mine has always kept me dry. I also have a Trimline and I guess i just got spoiled with the vinyl. I also have a 3rd tent that is a pop up with an extra heavy duty vinyl top and a massive hexagon frame Gorilla Max) that I would compare to the Expo Pro. I never use it anymore primarily because the top and frame are both so heavy duty and cause it to be a bit too massive when folded up.

      • One thing that I like about the non-vinyl top is that it filters through some light.  Especially nice for jewelry displays.  Did you see the answer I gave yesterday about UNDER COVER?  I think that I put it under your first post.

  • Rocky, I have this exact tent and it is extremely good quality.  I also purchased this with the hopes that I could set it up myself, but alas, I just don't have the strength to push the corners up, which I find is the case with any brand for me.  If you decide to proceed with this purchase, I can verify the the tent is top notch, but you will probably need assistance with set up.  Good luck! Terri

    • Thank you, Terri.

      Did you get the Expo Pro or the Expo Pro Compact? They indicated the the original was sturdier but that the compact had added weight to make up for the difference. The compact is $100 more and will fit in my current car whereas the original may not fit (we are in the market for a new bigger car any way so it wouldn't be a long term issue). I just don't want to pay the extra $100 if I'm really compromising on sturdiness. 

      • I have the original.

        • Sorry, one last question. Did you pay extra for any customization? I was considering getting the top vented but they quoted me nearly double the price for that.

          • No, problem, no, I did not.

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    Larry Berman

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