• It doesn't hurt to have both PayPal & Square...especially since there are no monthly fees. Fortunately my PayPal chip reader has been extremely dependable and i do not have to use the Square. Pay Pal is also good in that I have had people use it to send money to my account without having to use the reader.

    • That can be done with Square, too-- you just need to invoice them.

      • Kaytee, I am not very technically inclined but even I was able to figure out invoicing via Square all on my own.  :D

  • Square chip reader. It protects you. You're really vulnerable if you swipe a chip card now. It's less secure and the legal responsibility is on you.

    Unfortunately, my chip reader keeps disconnecting from my phone. I often have to re-pair it in the middle of a show. I don't know if that's a common problem. Still, I really don't want to be swiping unless the card doesn't have a chip. Nearly all cards are chipped now. I've only seen non-chipped ones a couple times in my two years of shows.

  • Hi.  I use the square reader.  Never had a problem until recently.  I have the chip reader but my phone doesn't have the upgraded operating system (8), so I still use the reader for all charges.  The problem recently was a disputed charge, I assume because the person who purchased didn't recognize my company name, and there wasn't any way I could find to dispute the dispute.  The reason the bank gave for accepting her dispute was that it was a chip card and the charge was swiped.  Square wouldn't provide me with her contact information & I didn't have her information (she was out of state), so I've had to eat the returned charge (luckily it wasn't all that much, but now I'm worried it'll happen again for a much larger amount.)  Are the other systems the same - no contact information available in case of a disputed charge?

  • Square is wonderful. Consider upgrading g to their POS system that uses a tablet and comes with the chip reader. I got one in June 2018, and it was $149. Well worth every penny.
  • PayPal is my POS - never any hold on money and best of all it accepts Apple Pay!

    • Get the Square chip reader.  The one you plug in your phone is a pain to use.  The chip reader is much easier and safer for you.

  • I use Square.  No problems.  I guess I don't know what you mean by "better".

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