I am looking for some information on the Craft Producers' Annual Southern Vermont Arts and Crafts Festival.  I keep the www.ArtFairCalendar.com updated for Connie.  We had a show listed in our New England section that was supposed to be held August 4-6.  You can see the show's information below:

August 4-6
Manchester, VT.
     21st Annual Southern Vermont Arts and Crafts Festival
     The Field at Riley Rink at Hunter Park
     410 Hunter Park Road
     10 A.M. - 5 P.M.
     175 exhibitors

I work about 6 months out to make sure the calendar is up to date.  Because I work so far out into the future I don't always find out about wrong dates/venues until an art patron attempts to attend the show and it is not there like our listing says.  I received an email from someone that tried to attend the above show only to find there was nothing there when she arrived at the Riley Rink. 

Does anybody have any information about this show or the Craft Producers.  When I open their websites I get a screen that says the site can't be opened.  Although, they do have a Facebook page.

I need to be updated.  Please help me out.  Does anybody know anything?

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  • Thanks Chris.  Sounds like they have been dealing with some changes that have been throwing a monkey wrench into the mix.  This helps me alot.

  • I live less than 10 minutes from the Manchester show. It's a long running show that in the past few years has experienced some problems.

    It used to be held at the Hildene meadow (The Lincoln estate http://www.hildene.org/ ) but the group that now runs Hildene are going to let the field revert back into an actual meadow, so Charlie had to find another site. That was a shame because the site was absolutely gorgeous in October!

    Finding a site was not easy as there aren't a lot of options.

    They moved the show to a field behind an ice rink, but the weather didn't cooperate and last year's show was a muddy disaster.

    The August craft show moved to Bennington at a site called Camelot Village. A nice large field and I spoke to some of the exhibitors and they said it was a great site and sales were "like they used to be".

    The upcoming Manchester show in October is back in Manchester, but this time it's at a golf area. They use large Camelot style tents so it will be visible from the highway.

    The fall show is really more fine art/craft than the August show, and the spaces are $600 for a 10x10.

    I also tried to open the website but couldn't. I'll email Charlie and let him know.

  • Thanks Larry for that link.  I googled the show and any of the options said the page couldn't be opened. 

  • I don't have any trouble opening the web site:

    The guy's name is Charlie Dooley and his phone number is 802-425-3399.

    Larry Berman

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