I have a very odd question about propanels that I'm curious as to if anyone has had a similar situation.


I am looking at buying a trailer to tow everything and found that for my vehicle, I can't tow anything heavier than a 4x6. That causes issues for my 7' propanels (with non-telescoping legs) as they won't fit.

I initially though I would need to sell my 7' non-telescoping to buy 6' telescoping but had the idea of "converting" my current ones from 7' to 6' by cutting a section off the legs when adding the telescoping upgrade.

Has anyone tried this or know of any limitations I might experience if I try this?



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  • The carpetted section is 6' tall. The top stubs add a few more inches, and you'll still  have length below the carpet to add another couple of inches. It's not going to work. The issue with towing a trailer is not the length but what the towing weight is. Check on weight of a 7' trailer and see if your vehicle can handle it.

    • Thank you for your reply, I should have clarified that I found a 4x6 trailer that has a 1.5ft V shape to the front giving me enough space to fit the amount of propanels I have if they are reduced down to the 6ft carpet with a 3in post on either end.

      • If the center of the trailer has 6'6" clearance, then go for it. I had the standard 7' panels and bought 5   of the 6' panels from another artist, and converted all 5 with the adjustable leg kits from Propanels. It's a piece of cake, just follow their instructions.

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