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The CCI Art Show has moved to the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel in the Grand Hall C & D. Ground floor. There is slightly more space, and the configuration allows more tables (for 3D art), however... previously, the art show was in the convention center, under a  high ceiling of skylights; the new location is a bit over a quarter mile away from "the action", and we have "ballroom" lights (supposed to get additional lighting... if things go as requested by AS director). One plus-- we may be able to use a loading dock outside the space to drop off/pick up, as opposed to hauling things up various elevators/through crowds of milling attendees.

The general public without badges will be allowed for the first time to visit the Art Show. They will be able to purchase quick sales for the day they attend. This may help make up for the distance from the convention center/inconvenience to attendees, and agents scoping out new talent as far a direct sales go. However... the main events for non-badge holders will be the street-fair/related events on the other side of the convention center. Most of the people with convention badges will have left the hotel by the time we are supposed to open (may open early, if we can get away with doing so). We also will be having additional security (in theory), since it is now "public"; while I have never "lost" anything at these art shows previously, I have had items "evaporate" at every public sales venue I've done, so I guess this will be an "interesting" experiment as to which way this one will go.

We are planning on having a catered "mixer" Thursday evening from 19:00-21:00 to welcome the public & bring people over from the convention. If the hotel does the catering... should be good, based on previous experience with their kitchen's offerings. If the Convention Center caters... mmm... well, there's a reason attendees walk 6 blocks to the Ralphs deli for lunch, rather than buy lunch in the CC.

New hours:
Thursday thru Saturday 11:00 am to 9:00 pm

Sunday 12:pm to 2:00 pm Silent auction winning bid sales only.
2:00 pm to 7:00 pm open for Quick Sales to the general public and attendees.

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Manchester where? Thursday through Sunday when?

Comic Con International is in San Diego, CA, USA, as it always has been; this is year#48.

Manchester Grand Hyatt, is on the same "block" as the Convention Center, a bit over 1/3 mile away, to the west. Normally maybe a 10 min walk, during CCI, you're lucky to make it in twice that due to the crowds.

Art Show hours, as stated above, are officially: Th- Sat 11 am to 9 pm, Sun 2-7 pm. However... "soft" (unofficial) openings at 9 AM are (unofficially) planned for Th-Sat.


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