Hi all! I am working on my first booth shot and have two options: a pop-up tent with gray propanels or a Trimline with white mesh panels. (I have a range of sizes of work on cradled panels, with the largest at 17 x 22"). For the seasoned jurors and experts out there, is one option better than the other? Thanks! 

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  •  I'm not sure I understand the question, but the jurors are going to want to see the one that best represents the canopy you will be bringing to their show.  They will typically take your pictures and compare them to your actual booth and artwork at some point during the weekend and will not be happy unless they match.  If you are asking which tent to use, that's different and depends on your circumstances and intentions.  Pop-ups do not do as well at protecting your work from the elements and it isn't all that uncommon to see one destroyed (along with its contents) by bad weather, but there will be plenty of them at every show.  Although the finer shows would probably like to see finer tents, it is my understanding that the real reason for the booth shot is not to see the booth, but to see the body and range of your work while the other two or three images show your best pieces. 

    Without more information, that's the best I can do.

  • Can you mix the two or are you borrowing? Give me a call and I'll make some suggestions.

    Larry Berman

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