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These are NOT my official booth shots for show entry, just a couple from recent shows. Want to add / change a few things before I make the new official booth shot...

I've moved the back set of shelves so they're centered better, the materials is in front of the top tent supports so that weird ^ doesn't show behind my art on the front shelves.

I am thinking about adding some Armstrong or Pro-Panel buff colored pedestals to replace those temporary pedestals I've been using. Do I need to look at getting a darker color to add some color to the booth?

Lighting is on the list for the future and am looking into some wood-look eva flooring (was going with a rug or carpet but all the rain convinced me to go a different route).

I'm also thinking about getting some more of the sheer curtains and draping around the front tent poles & weights, tie with a piece of the contrasting background material or same-color rope. That's one of those "I'll try it & see" things... not sure if it would be too frilly looking for my earthy pieces.

Before I go any further or do any of the things I just mentioned I thought I'd ask for input.

The shelves are something I can't change at this time. I might could add some shelves or configure them differently but for the time being I'm married to them. They are all alike except I had extra slats put in the shorter ones so I had more options when putting in shelves.

I'm exploring different ways of displaying my hanging pieces. I will be grouping my colors together. I've also added some stands that are the same color as my shelves so I can vary the height of my pottery on the shelves.

OK, constructive criticism welcome. What you suggest may be out of my current budget but I'm all for working toward a goal.

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  • When I saw your booth in Marietta it looked fantastic.

    • Thanks! Still working on it... guess I will 'til the day I quit doing shows...when I'm rich n' famous.

  • I think this is quite inviting and lovely. My only suggestion would be to add a touch or two of color somewhere, to spice it up just a little. 

    • Thank you very much. I'll see what I can do to add a pop of color, good advice.

  • Very inviting.  I've heard of having an "office" in the back where you can sit on a stool and demo and watch your customers. 

    • Thanks for input! I have it kind of set up so I can see through the sheers, people can see me but not intrusive... but truthfully, I never sit still, very hyper :-)

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