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Good Day Everyone!

I am hoping to get some feedback regarding booth images. Specifically I would like to just post a couple images for critique. I have some thoughts but would like to hear from all of you with respect to using the attached images or not when applying for a show.  

Would you use either shot? If not, why not? 

Thanks everyone for your help.

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  • I agree with everything Larry said.  I also think that the booth is too busy (too much work).  I would eliminate the entire bottom row and hang the work with more space in between.  I think it would make the booth look cleaner.  Good luck!

    Dennis Angel

  • Thanks Larry,

    Would this be a better choice then based on your comments? I read your article AFTER I took the shots. I know I know! Kicking myself a bit now.


    • Do you use a bin for unframed work? I'm asking because almost all photographers do. If so, it needs to be in the picture so the picture is representative of how you will set up at a show. I've never understood the point of having a panel in the middle of the booth for a booth picture, but compared to the other pictures it might be better. If you can reshoot, it should more face the right wall to create a right hand book end and force the jurors to look back to the left.

      Larry Berman

      • Thanks Larry.

        I took some images without the center panel as well. My concern however was wanting to represent how the booth would look during the shows. Thats why I was trying to work with it in the image. I will reshoot and add a print bin as well. Thanks again

  • Neither but the top picture is closer. You need to move over about two feet and set up your tripod half way between the left wall and the center so you see along the left wall but feature the back and right. Read my article to get started:

    If you intend to have unframed prints in a bin, you need to include at least one bin in the booth picture.

    Larry Berman

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