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Hello Fellow Artists,

I am thinking about developing a phone app for artists to help with their show applications. It will be super easy, super simple to use with great interface, and will help to organize what shows you have applied to or wanting to apply to. 

Do you feel there is a need for this? I do. :) 

Thanks for your feedback, 

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Possibly but it would also need to be able to upload images directly into your account on zapp and jas and possibly Entrythingy. Otherwise any database program would work.

Larry Berman

Yes, Larry, that would be a great addition. I was thinking of making the first app to be used for smartphone and tablet. Something where artists can see what shows that they have entered for a month, along with app fee, booth fee, date(s) of the show, when booth fee is due etc.. Everything grouped together.

All of the most useful information and works with one's Zapplication account. Of course, this would have to get approval from Zapplication. Then later versions could work with the other platforms. 

Then maybe having alerts when shows are needing booth fees so that artists can select the show and keep up with everything. 

For me, as a full-time artist, it is so much work keeping up with everything. This would save time and I'm sure money. Does this make sense? 

You wouldn't need approval to access data through zapp because the app would have to log into the artist's profile and then access the information. The artist would choose which show to add to their app and then enter the required information manually. I came up with a similar idea about five or six years ago and spoke to someone in the business about getting financing. It never went any further.

The reason I suggested being able to upload the images is because you can't upload to a web site from Safari on the ipad or iphone, which is unfortunate because you can edit images on those devices. And, like zapp or jas doesn't understand, the images are the most important aspect of applying to shows.

Larry Berman

Okay, great to know. Yes, then image upload should be in a first version. I will take all of that into consideration and will start to get bids on getting that to the initial stage of development. 

I use an Airtable spreadsheet that tracks and organizes everything related to every show I have done and am interested in doing. Also includes hotel, mileage, sales, tax amounts and much more.

It also has the ability to add pdf forms and many other excellent features.

It is very easy to use and figure out

I can also access it from any of my devices.

Thanks Greg for that great tool! How many of you all use spreadsheets to keep track of everything?

I have run into too many artists that just fall flat when trying to use technology, I included. I am thinking of making it ultra simple to keep up with expenses too. Because that really goes into evaluating shows in the future. Because so many artists just wing a lot of this and don't keep up with each show. This is one, among many others, that artists come back to an unprofitable show (for them). Of course, I'm speaking for others. Is this true or not? 

I keep a spreadsheet (Google Drive, so it's accessible from all my devices). It helps track dates and fees, but I enter everything myself.  It would be nice if info from the Big 3 services would auto-populate, but that's reaching pretty far.  I would also love to have 2 views available: spreadsheet (with all the facts) and calendar view.

Bottom lines is YES there is a need for such an app, and I would love to be a Beta tester!

good idea, if it will be easy to handle

Yes, that will be the key. Want to be something that is useful even when artists have down time at art shows. :) 

The Airtable allow you to completely customize your spreadsheet and add photos, pdf documents, maps etc and many other statistics and documents that have bemone very useful both at home and at shows. I like that i can update it on one device such as my ipad at a show and it will automatically be updated on my home computer.

I personally find it much easier to create it on my home desktop but have it available on all devices

Greg, are you using the free version of Airtable? (Looks like a great tool). Thanks!

I use the free version and it is excellent. I lprefer it over excel for many features


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