This last weekend another artist had his stash disappear at an art fair, see the story here.

I ask you, where do you put the cash from your sales? Yes, I know cash is not as popular a medium of exchange as it used to be, but it still appears now and then. Also, do you treat it the same as a check or credit card receipt? And, if using a digital capture of sales even if you may have those receipts stolen the money is in the bank already, right?


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  • Anybody who refers to artists as "vendors" should be banned from this site. You may not be an artist, but, unless you are selling hotdogs or turkey legs you are not a vendor. I prefer Exhibitor, with a capital E.

    Now, to answer the question, which, thankfully, is being revisited because it is important. Keep your money and checks on your person, or, hidden where nobody buy you can get to it. A number of years ago, I was across from a jeweler who had two display stands and an opening between the two. I remember thinking to suggest putting them together because it would be too easy for someone to walk between the two stands and steal something. I got really busy and couldn't keep an eye out and sure enough someone slipped between the two cases and took her money bag with all her cash, checks, and credit card receipts. It only took 5 seconds to do this. Before anyone noticed, the crook was long gone.

    Stealing can be a common occurrence. Trust no one and keep your money close.

    • Barry, unfortunately you know what they say about those who assume!

    • Barry...maybe it was the hot dog guy or turkey leg guy that had his cash box stolen. I wonder if the hot dog/food vendors get insulted if someone refers to them as an artist or vendor?

      Now, back to the original post ...any cash I have ALWAYS stays with me. I never bother with change and if I do make a rare cash sale I just round down the amount so to keep it as a folding money transaction.

  • Update... I still keep my working cash in my cargo pants pocket the I added my own snaps to. But I finally invested in a Viper rolling tool chest and I bolted a metal box into one of the drawers that locks from the top. I keep my checks and excess paper money in it during the shows now. I remove everything at night and leave it unlocked so if someone get curious they do not destroy it to get it open. Also since my bank does not have branches in many of the cities I do shows, I stop and have my excess cash turned into money orders and make them out to me.
  • I keep my cash, checks and cell phone in either a fanny back that is around my waist or in a small purse that is over my shoulder. 

  • Sorry folks who are reading this in April 2014 -- this post is really old -- October 2011, the link does not work, but the question remains ... what do you do with your cash at the shows?

    • I was recently at a show where a vendor had their cash box stolen! It was sad and a terrible feeling.

      I was looking into a POS cash drawer that I can bolt down, but are these "manageable" at shows? I've never used one but they can be had under $100 and look like they can lock with a key.

      Would hate to lose the key! DOH!

      del pos cash.jpg

  • I have not read all the replies yet but this year I'm putting a GoPro camera in the upper corner of my booth.  The original reason was "it would be so cool to see a time lapse", but then I realized I could count how many people actually come into the booth.

    Now I can see it as a thief catcher!  

    I would never use a fanny pack - one reason it looks so . . . . .80s, another is that I have read they are not very safe.   I just keep everythign in my pocket and then periodically move an amount to a different spot so all the eggs are not in one basket.


  • I also use a fanny pack for cash, checks & cc receipts...however, one of the zippers has broken so I just ordered a new one with a cell phone pocket & 6 zippered pockets.

    • If you don't mind me asking where did you order it from?  I have been looking for a replacement one and ended up using a small camera bag.

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