Hi everyone!

I would like to change my booth setup. I had white walls before, but other artists suggested using black panels. I tried with gray walls. Here is my current setup, any suggestions what should be changed?

I sell original paintings, prints, tote bags, pillows, postcards, greeting cards, and kits.

Thank you!



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  • Oksana I have known Larry Berman for a while now, and there is no one better qualified to give you advice about a booth.

  • You're too scattered. Too many sizes and not sure how many products because there is too much in the booth. Not sure if you are doing reproductions but they are only allowed at some shows if they are within the category you are applying. Don't put things on the floor. All decent outdoor shows require the picture be taken under a white tent or canopy. Indoor booth pictures are only appropriate for indoor shows.

    Larry Berman

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