• What shape is it in?  How old is it?  How many times used?

    • The display was set up twice and is in perfect shape.  It was purchased in 2008.  Email me for more information at

    • The canopy was set up twice.  It is in excellent condition.  Email me for more info -

  • No photos?  A picture is worth a 1000 words!  LOL

    • Cindy:  The best picture is on the Flourish website.  It is the Trimline.  This canopy was only set up twice and I did not take photos.  More information can be sent to you if you email me at  Thanks!

  • It must be a mighty big unit if it takes up too much space in the studio.

    • small studio.  The canopy is 7'H x 10'X 10' when set up.  If you are interested email me at and I will send more specific information.

  • I just purchased a new unit last week at a huge discount.

  • What is the "unit?" There are no details at all. Thanks.

    • Hi, If you are interested I will send a list of everything included.  Email me at  Mark

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