Good Evening!

Happy to have found you!!  I am an emerging and self-taught artist working with oils on canvas.

I have always painted and loved art but only a few months ago decided to consider it seriously as my job.   I am new to the whole art scene and I need all kinds of advise, since where to buy my tent/canopy to how to charge per painting.  (I am all ears, keep the advise coming!)


I also run a fair trade business ( and have two daughters under 5. Occasionally, I get to clean my house ;)


Looking forward to an interesting journey, although a little scared of all the initial investment.







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  • Welcome! and good luck!  I love the painting on your home page! Very moving.

    Clean house??? What's that???

  • Welcome Gigi-
    we have loads of info posted in the discussion areas, for specific advise, Just ask a question!! We have a fun, informative, helpful, funny and sometimes, curmudgeonly group here. You have two daughters and get to clean the house?? I never managed that til mine was in her teens, and I FORCED her to help!!! LOL! Sounds like a fun, active busy life!!! Enjoy your time here... just consider this the goldmine, keep digging for answers!!!
  • Hi Gigi and welcome aboard :)  There is so much information here you may find that you never want to leave!  See you around :)
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